LG X Venture review

Searching for a rough telephone? Alternatives are thin in the event that you need a low cost. Telephones like Caterpillar's Cat S60 — a lumbering mammoth of a telephone that can be dropped almost two meters or left submerged for 60 minutes — or the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, which doesn't forfeit execution for go-anyplace, do-anything adaptability, cost upwards of $600. Fortunately, LG's methodology strikes a harmony between specs, highlights, cost, and sturdiness. In our LG X Venture audit, we put the cell phone through a couple of preliminaries of our own to perceive how it piles up.
LG Venture X scratches

Utilitarian, solid plan

The X Venture is a telephone for the traveler on a financial plan, thus frame pursues work. The grippy back cover isn't made of glass or aluminum, yet it enables you to get a handle on the substantial edge without dread of the telephone slipping out of your hand. The huge, physical equipment route keys flanking the unique mark sensor aren't pretty, yet they're finished and simple to find.

LG Venture X side edge

LG Venture X telephone back camera focal point

LG Venture X back

LG Venture X telephone side

The orange QuickButton, which naturally gets to Outdoor Essentials little applications like an indicator, compass, and climate, is likewise finished and simple to-get to. It sits over the volume rocker on the left, and it tends to be altered to dispatch different applications; you can set alternate ways for one press, a twofold press, or a press and hold, which is advantageous.

Talking about catches, you won't feel the X Venture's deal value point in the assemble quality by any means. All the keys feel strong and simple to press, with a wonderful material snap and no squirm.

We dunked and dropped the X Venture to see whether the telephone truly was as solid as it's professed to be — and it passed.

Yet, we have a couple of minor problem: The delicate touch material that outskirts the showcase is a build up magnet that maneuvers dust into the little holes between the glass and whatever remains of the telephone. There's likewise a back terminating speaker which, while really boisterous, will create muted sound whenever you put the gadget down.

The X Venture has an IP68 water opposition rating, which means it can withstand submersion up to 5 feet deep for a half hour — some top of the line telephones, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 have a similar water-and residue obstruction rating, so it's pleasant to see it on a spending gadget. The front glass board is made of Gorilla Glass 4, with against break, hostile to scratch innovation.

The cell phone runs above and beyond with military-review (MIL-STD810G) residue and stun obstruction. LG says the X Venture breezed through 14 unique tests by a research center that fits in with U.S. military norms, which implies it should admission somewhat better in conditions that would trouble lesser telephones. That offers some genuine feelings of serenity, however we needed to know without a doubt. We dunked and dropped the X Venture to see whether the telephone truly was as durable as it's professed to be — and it passed.

LG Venture X scratches

LG Venture X corner scratches

An around five-foot fall onto solid left our gadget simply scraped. There was some metal chipped away in regions of effect, and also some hollowed, roughened plastic right where the telephone struck the ground. The harm was simply restorative, and there was zero damage done to the screen. In the wake of submerging the telephone in a bowl of water for 10 minutes, it worked flawlessly fine.

Incidentally drowsy execution

Sadly, to hit that bring down sticker price and pack in all these toughness highlights, LG needed to make a few bargains in the details division. The X Venture is fueled by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 435 processor, close by 2GB of RAM. While the Snapdragon 435 isn't hugely underpowered, gadgets like the more reasonable Moto G5 Plus prepare the more amazing Snapdragon 625 chipset, and offers twofold the RAM.

The outcome is disappointing. Our X Venture faltered and slacked a respectable sum in everyday use and appeared to get effortlessly entangled juggling numerous assignments in the meantime — like seeking Google Maps while spilling Bluetooth sound, for instance. It wasn't uncommon to be looked with a two-second hold up whenever we opened another application.

The benchmarks on the whole a comparable story:

AnTuTu: 41,501

Geekbench 4: 634

3DMark Sling Shot Extreme: 233

The X Venture's 3DMark score is far off from the Moto G5 Plus' 463, which likewise conveniently vanquished LG's putting forth in Geekbench (803) and AnTuTu (63,190) scores. A lead executioner, this isn't.

While the X Venture didn't care for exchanging among applications and performing multiple tasks, swiping between home screens, composing, and looking over were all as brisk as you'd trust. Google Assistant reacted to voice inquiries easily, and even the unique mark sensor worked dependably quick.


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The equipment fared much better in different territories. The X Venture includes a 5.2-inch, 1080p LCD show with strong survey points, shading proliferation, and brilliance. Regarding stockpiling, there's solitary one alternative — 32GB — however a MicroSD opening in the SIM plate makes for simple expandability.

Extraordinary battery life, skilled camera

The X Venture comes fitted with an enormous non-removable battery — 4,100mAh in size — and it essentially doesn't stop. Our unit kept going admirably over multi day and a half after high utilization — from spilling Spotify over Bluetooth, to exploring with Google Maps, to perusing Facebook, and taking photographs.
You won't need to hold up excessively long to energize it back, either. The X Venture bolsters Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0 standard. Sadly, it works through MicroUSB as opposed to the more current, progressively adaptable USB-C standard, however the upside is it'll be good with any old embellishments you may have lying around. We had the capacity to energize the depleted battery to full in two hours.

lg x adventure audit camera test 1

lg x adventure audit camera test 2

lg x adventure audit camera test 3

lg x adventure audit camera test 4

The back camera isn't exactly as great, however it was as yet a lovely astonishment. In legitimate lighting, the X Venture's 16-megapixel shooter caught dynamic, offset pictures with striking lucidity and noteworthy profundity of-field. Low-light execution was typically grainy and somewhat sloppy by correlation, however that is obvious from a telephone of this cost. The wide-point 5-megapixel front camera was trustworthy, and appropriate for gathering shots.

Be that as it may, while the X Venture produces strong photographs in light, the camera application gets colossally laggy — and there's the incidental shade slack when you tap the catch also. It is anything but a decent ordeal by and large.

LG adds outdoorsy highlights to Android 7.0 Nougat

The X Venture is a spending telephone sold solely through AT&T and U.S. Cell, which implies you will get more than a lot of bloatware. Counting the AT&T programming, we recognized a sum of 16 applications outside the standard array of Google, LG, and stock Android applications that couldn't be uninstalled, just crippled.

Our unit kept going great over multi day and a half after high utilization.

Bloatware aside, with the X Venture you're getting LG's UX 5.0 skin over Android 7.0 Nougat. It's not equivalent to the 6.0 skin found in the organization's G6 lead, however despite everything it conveys various changes to stock Android. The most prominent one is the absence of an application cabinet — however that can be rectified through an alternative in the settings.

LG has incorporated various accommodations that stock Android can't coordinate, similar to a progressively far reaching set of brisk switches in the notice plate, an assortment of home screen formats and subjects, and programmable easy routes for equipment catches. There's additionally the producer's suite of applications, which incorporates the previously mentioned Outdoor Essentials accumulation and also LG Health for guided exercise schedules.

Furthermore, LG has pressed in a Glove Mode, which can be activated through the QuickButton out of the container. This component does what the name recommends, taking into consideration utilization of the touch screen regardless of whether you have gloves on. It functioned admirably in our testing, getting taps and swipes through thin fleece and in addition substantial polyester and downy.

Guarantee, estimating, and accessibility

LG offers a one-year standard guarantee, under which it will cover fix or substitution and work — however you'll need to pay to send it to the organization. It's additionally imperative to take note of that while the X Venture is charged as water safe and military-affirmed to endure antagonistic conditions, the guarantee does not cover water harm, nor does it cover harm starting from what the organization terms "strange use." So on the off chance that you plan on testing the telephone to the furthest reaches of its sturdiness, you're shockingly without anyone else should anything truly turn out badly.

The X Venture is accessible now from U.S. Cell and AT&T for $330 altogether, or on contract for $11 every month for 30 months through AT&T Next. On U.S. Cell, it's $300 or $12 every month for more than two years.


The LG X Venture won't wow you with its execution, structure, or programming, yet its durability combined with fantastic battery life recovers its blemishes.

Is there a superior option?

In case you're an outside lover, or your profession places you in circumstance where your telephone may get effortlessly harmed, the X Venture merits a look.

In the classification of intense telephones that won't use up every last cent, there's extremely only one other alternative: The Kyocera DuraForce Pro. The Kyocera telephone is extensively bulkier, and considerably all the more a tank than the X Venture. It additionally includes a superior Snapdragon 617 processor and additionally an additional gigabyte of RAM. The drawback? You'll need to manage with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as the DuraForce Pro doesn't bolster the most recent and most prominent form of Google's working framework yet. The telephone is likewise somewhat pricier — $400 from Verizon, and $419 from AT&T. That is almost $100 more than the X Venture through a similar transporter.

Something else, Samsung's Galaxy S7 Active is a simple proposal, if you can discover it at the correct cost. The S7 Active has been available for about a year now and will probably be supplanted by Samsung's cutting edge rough lead, which means used and renovated models cost appropriate around what LG is requesting another X Venture. We cherished the telephone when we tried it a year ago, and with its awesome Snapdragon 820 chipset, you won't need to trade off anything for all that additional sturdiness.

On the off chance that roughness isn't a worry, in any case, there are endless other moderate gadgets that would probably serve your requirements better. The Moto G5 Plus begins at $230, for instance, and still outmaneuvers the LG regarding force and execution. That is not by any means half of what's out there — our modest cell phone purchasing guide goes through the best contenders.

To what extent will it last?

We don't anticipate that this gadget will get a ton of programming updates, and it might back off following a year or two — taking into account how we're now observing stammers and slack.

As far as physical life span, however, the X Venture should toll fine and dandy. The assemble quality is strong, and the blend of stun retaining plastics, strengthened corners, and a metal exoskeleton mean it can endure rehashed falls and spills.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. In case you're searching for a reasonable, rough telephone that is waterproof, the LG X Venture is a decent alternative. It offers the latest variant of Android, and keeping in mind that you'll need to manage incidental languid execution and additionally a moderate camera, it's hard to discover an IP68-waterproof telephone from a transporter that doesn't use up every last cent. In the event that your needs are unique, look somewhere else.