The Best 2019 Messenger Bags

Ambassador packs have developed drastically from their unique motivation, the powerline specialists' apparatus sack from the mid twentieth century. They've extended (and contracted) to incorporate smaller scale bear packs for your geek toolbox, spruced up adaptations prepared for the workplace, and also the huge rigging pulling, bicycle well disposed customary models. We amassed a gathering of the business' driving models, over a wide assortment of sorts and uses, fortes and specialties. At that point we set out by walking, bicycle, plane, and open travel to perceive how well they held up—and how well they held our stuff. Look at this audit of the cutting edge delivery person sack to see which one is appropriate for you. Additionally, look at our PC rucksack survey for elective alternatives.

Pros Durable, simple to utilize, incredible esteem, helpful size Versatile, tough, a la mode, amusing to use Excellent PC pocket, abundant pockets and association alternatives, simple to modify bear tie, inexpensive Compact, lightweight, customization choices, simple Nicely made, solid, sorted out, useful for gadgets

Cons Less volume generally, bear lash grapple on sack gets twisted Not weatherproof, less great envoy design Not the best to bicycle, less snazzy than others Too little for huge PCs, no cushioning, must buy PC/tablet security separately Pricey, less flexible

Base Line The Black Hole Mini is a basic, streamlined, tough, and extremely valuable, assuming little, flag-bearer bag. This emissary sack is a lot more: it changes flawlessly from knapsack to dispatcher to briefcase. Osprey makes extraordinary packs, crosswise over numerous classes – here we discover that detachment packs are no exception. This ambassador pack is little and lightweight, and helpful for excursions with a tablet and a couple items. This is an incredible flag-bearer sack for easygoing business use.

In this refresh, we swapped in the Patagonia Black Hole 12L for the old 18 liter rendition, which has been suspended. It might be a small amount of the old size, however it is still full esteem.

Best Overall

Patagonia Black Hole Mini Messenger 12L

Editors' Choice Award


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No cross tie

Littler size

Weight: 1.3 lbs | Volume: 12 liters

The refreshed variant of the Patagonia Black Hole Mini Messenger 12L flag-bearer sack is a lot littler than the last form we tried—a large portion of the size, indeed. However, this was not really a drawback to its execution in our refreshed round of testing. The Black Hole, as its name proposes, still vanishes your apparatus in a way that is hard to see, much like a little tyke with a huge hunger and a grandparent who blames them for having an empty leg. This sack makes us feel like an errand person pack grandparent in dismay. The measuring is so cautiously aligned that, regardless of its "smaller than expected" look, despite everything it can hold huge organization magazines without collapsing them. Also, the association, while straightforward, is absolutely satisfactory—indeed, observed the streamlined plan to be less demanding to utilize and progressively adaptable.

The sack is littler, the majority of this said. it is never again the pack to pack your PC for work, workout clothes for after, and lunch for at whatever point for an entire day mission far from home. Nonetheless, this littler size likewise made it significantly more charming to utilize, and far less unwieldy for every day use. The Mini wound up being increasingly flexible, at last, as we ended up utilizing it for all the more fast outings and as an assistant to a movement rucksack for flights. Another extraordinary structure from Patagonia.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Osprey FlapJack Courier

Osprey Flapjack Courier Best Buy Award


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Heaps of pockets

Solid and agreeable

Snappy to alter

High esteem

Cumbersome cross tie

Needs style

Weight: 1.97 lbs | Volume: 21 liters

The FlapJack flaunts a greater number of pockets and hierarchical highlights than most items in this survey, which is in accordance with Osprey's style. In the event that you like having authoritative highlights and pockets, this is truly outstanding. It is an extraordinary all-rounder, likewise turned out to be very tough and weatherproof for an assortment of driving or travel circumstances. In reality as we know it where models cost up to $300, this pack is moderate without skirting a solitary execution beat.

This pack adjusted its execution well over our measurements, and pursues firmly after the Patagonia Black Hole, with just a few points docked for a pocket that didn't exactly work for us, and a solace include that could be moved forward. Dispatchers are commonly unisex, however Osprey breaks this shape. Designed for ladies, the FlapJill Courier, is somewhat littler, lighter, and found in elective hues. Note that the Flapjack Backpack is our Editors' Choice workstation rucksack and may be a superior alternative for you.

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Best Buy for a Tight Budget

Portable Edge ECO

Portable Edge ECO Best Buy Award


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Astounding association

Delicate texture

Tough and lightweight


Less formal looking

Little and needs flexibility

Weight: 2.09 lbs | Volume: 12 liters

The Mobile Edge ECO destroys each other sack with respect to moderateness. At $50, it's a small amount of the cost of the nearest rivalry — and twofold the helpfulness (or close: the Mobile Edge scored 68 out of 100, and the following most moderate model was $90 and scored 45 out of 100). We skirted the Timbuk2 Classic, another extraordinary sack, to single out the Mobile Edge at its incredibly ease and astonishingly high usefulness — and in light of the fact that it is a large portion of the cost of the Classic, and just six lower on our general scoring.

The ECO isn't the most formal for business use and needs strength. It has, be that as it may, noteworthy hierarchical highlights, the cotton canvas handles like a couple of delicate warm up pants, and the cost is dazzling. This is a brilliant pack at the cost.

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Top Pick for Combo Comfort

Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase

Topo Designs Mountain 13L Top Pick Award


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at Backcountry

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Easy to utilize

Straightforward yet adequate association

Rucksack, bear lash, or attaché convey


No cross lash

Not weatherproof

Weight: 2.26 lbs | Volume: 13 liters

The Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase about deposed our long-standing champ, the Patagonia Black Hole. It is a great delivery person with a contort—it has bear ties you can convey, changing over the sack into a knapsack. This is a dissimilarity from the unadulterated idea of an envoy sack however one that makes this a profoundly adaptable pack. We preferred this pack for worldwide travel—it could deal with climbing and still have a pleasant easygoing search for around town use. It gets high checks for its toughness and straightforward, simple to-utilize highlights.

This is anything but a weatherproof sack, so we don't suggest voyaging or driving in stormy atmospheres (or months) with this pack. What's more, it doesn't have a cross-body balancing out tie like a conventional delegate, so in case you're driving on bicycle, you'll likely need to wear it as a rucksack. A few analyzers favor a rucksack for cycling at any rate. Main concern, it's a marvelous pack that is extremely well made and satisfying to use every day.

Peruse survey: Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase

Top Pick for Business

Timbuk2 Proof

Timbuk2 Proof Top Pick Award


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Great association

Streamlined for hardware and office supplies


Less adaptable

Can't be overstuffed

Weight: 2.34 lbs | Volume: 12 liters

The Timbuk2 Proof is a phenomenal, spruced up form of the exemplary dispatcher. Where different models emerge, this current one's nonpartisan looks enable it to mix into progressively proficient settings. It looks pleasant and conveys your workstation, tablet, and journals easily. It has abundant pockets—yet not very many—cautiously made to anchor and secure your gadgets. The Proof is moderately weatherproof and very sturdy, guaranteeing your hardware remain dry in the event that you get a little rain on your stroll to a gathering or bistro.

The Proof is certainly not a substantial sack, nor would it be able to be overstuffed with your workout clothes or running shoes, it is planned as a turn on the work of art and (now and again) excessively formal folder case. Extraordinarily intended for business easygoing pack needs, it handles proficient life superior to the rest.

Peruse audit: Timbuk2 Proof

Top Pick for Compact

Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase

Tom Bihn Daylight Top Pick Award

$80 List

Rundown Price

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Low weight

Loads of custom alternatives

Valuable for every day exercises


Less adaptable


Weight: 0.99 lbs | Volume: 8 liters

The Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase is an extremely current rendition of an "attaché." It is light and reduced, making it simple to use for day by day use with a tablet and a couple of things. This is an incredible sack for urban missions, light drives to the workplace, and nighttimes out on the town with companions. It is basic and streamlined yet has a few keen authoritative highlights.

The Daylight isn't sufficiently huge to stuff your workout clothes or shoes inside, making it less flexible for driving, and it's not enhanced for bicycle driving since it doesn't have a cross-body settling lash, yet it is valuable for a great deal of light day missions around town.

Peruse audit: Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase

Investigation and Test Results

The cutting edge flag-bearer pack has advanced broadly from the first 1950s plan. Powerline specialists required a tough sack to convey their overwhelming, massive, and clumsy apparatuses while climbing utility shafts. What's more, when they moved to the best, they required those devices to be anything but difficult to get to. This plan got on among bike errand people and turned into a great structure that lives on in its most perfect frame in models from organizations, for example, Timbuk2 and Chrome.

To respect the historical backdrop of the emissary, we chose it was most proper to rank Comfort and Packing and Organization as our initial two scoring measurements. Usability, Wear and Tear and Volume-to-Weight in this manner additionally factor into our appraisals. We included Electronics as our third need, which guarantees the soul of the customary pack stays unblemished in our advanced setting: we need to make certain it conveys your devices easily and securely for your differed urban undertakings.

We made a standard unit to test each pack's ability capacities with regular things.

We made a standard pack to test each sack's ability capacities with ordinary things.


Esteem is a dubious thing to gauge without investing some quality energy with an item. In our tests, we invested that energy, surveying the execution of the delivery person packs as indicated by basic employments. Here, we relate their general execution to how much every one of the sacks cost. On the off chance that you're searching for an extraordinary delivery person sack with every one of the highlights, maybe you're alright paying more for it. In any case, this outline is particularly useful in case you're searching for the most value for your money, or in case you're endeavoring to settle on comparative sacks—simply search for those grouped nearest to the pack you're most keen on, and look at our audit in the event that it arouses your advantage.


The exemplary plan of the detachment sack is a snug shoulder pack that swings around to the front effectively, and has a cross-body settling tie to keep it set up while moving. This is the structure that enabled simple access to the substance for powerline laborers and bicycle envoys. A wide shoulder lash enhanced single-bear convey. With enhanced rucksack structures, be that as it may, bicycle workers are currently now and then selecting rather for two shoulder ties rather than one. These don't swing around very as fast as the envoy, yet in case you're simply making one stop or two, and you're not conveying something rapidly, it may be a progressively agreeable choice for you.

To stay aware of the moving needs of urban cyclists, some ambassador sack organizations are notwithstanding offering knapsacks, and moving a portion of the plans of the errand person to be even more a delicate, easygoing portfolio. To evaluate Comfort, consequently, we took these packs out for an assortment of outings and concentrated on the movement that each sack was improved for. All things considered, we took each pull out of the bicycle to perceive how well it did in that conventional setting. We didn't climb powerlines, anyway that would have been cool.

On our OGL Ride Test, we took notes on the conveying solace of an assortment of load types and loads; and in our OGL Load Test, we maximized each sack and gave an account of its ideal load measure, before the pack wound up clumsy and awkward.

Solace Rating






Mountain Briefcase

Timbuk2 Classic

Chrome Mini Metro

Dark Hole Mini Messenger


Sunshine Briefcase

Hotcake Courier

Timbuk2 Proof

Versatile Edge ECO

Pop Quiz

Response Risky Business











Product Comfort Rating

Mountain Briefcase 9

Timbuk2 Classic 8

Chrome Mini Metro 8

Dark Hole Mini Messenger 12L 7

Sunshine Briefcase 7

Hotcake Courier 6

Timbuk2 Proof 6

Versatile Edge ECO 4

Pop Quiz 4

Response Risky Business 4

In our first round of testing, we asked: how does this pack feel on our back and bear? How is the cushioning? Furthermore, in particular, how can it handle an assortment of load types and loads? At that point we considered the structure highlights, for example, a cross-body balancing out tie, or, in some cutting edge winds, the expansion of rucksack ties.

The Flapjack didn't overwhelm us with its solace on a bicycle (because of a clumsy cross-lash) however to stroll around town and taking open transport the cushioned shoulder tie takes care of business.

The Flapjack didn't overwhelm us with its solace on a bicycle (because of an unbalanced cross-lash), however to stroll around town and taking open transport, the cushioned shoulder tie takes care of business.

The lash plans factor in vigorously to the Comfort metric, and there are an ever increasing number of innovative goes up against how to make the shoulder tie progressively agreeable. In any case, agreeable ties aren't really the entire story—the manner in which the sack lays on your back and how nearly it sits factor in moreover. The best score in this measurement goes to the Designs Mountain Briefcase. Topo Designs adopted an alternate strategy to comfort: they have a pleasantly cushioned shoulder lash, yet include stowable rucksack ties for longer conveys.

The emissary sack with a character emergency: Topo Design's Mountain Briefcase changes over from an over-the-bear envoy pack to a rucksack in just minutes.

The courier pack with a character emergency: Topo Design's Mountain Briefcase changes over from an over-the-bear envoy sack to a rucksack in just minutes.

Sprinters up in the solace classification were the Timbuk2 Classic and the Chrome Mini Metro, which are practically comparative items. These two rest increasingly calculated (or vertical) on your back like a customary model (all things considered, these two organizations characterize the delivery person for idealists). They are anything but difficult to change with supple textures that embrace near the body and move with you, regardless of whether by walking, bicycle, tram, skateboard, and so forth.

A few sacks were shockingly agreeable for their specialty structure, for example, the Timbuk2 Proof which is a spruced up, business-arranged pack. The Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase additionally scores well since it is little and light, which practically made it agreeable to bear once a day.

The Timbuk2 Proof is a rich and well made "spruced up" envoy pack.

The Timbuk2 Proof is a rich and well made "spruced up" envoy pack.

Also, two of our honor victors, the Patagonia Black Hole and the Osprey FlapJack did not score as exceptionally in this class predominantly because of the absence of cross tie (Patagonia) or an unusual and semi practical stabilizer lash (Osprey). This is imperative to make reference to in such a case that you are not somebody who completes a ton of long-remove bicycle driving, this cross-body stabilizer lash shouldn't factor intensely into your buy choice. In the event that that is the situation, these two contenders are still better than expected in the solace metric.

Pressing and Organization

Two elements emerge in the pressing and association class: viability and proficiency. A sack needs to enhance our day by day drive with a moderately wide cluster of characteristics: comfort, obviously, yet additionally in the manner in which it holds, anchors, and enables access to our effects inside. To be a compelling model implies that it tends to our requirements, as various and alterable as they might be starting with one day then onto the next. Second, it should be effective. We would prefer not to be backed off, overloaded, or in any capacity prevented by our adornments; we need a sack that makes us feel all the more free and deft. A keenly structured association plan will enable us to be composed, yet not expect us to overthink it.